Probably the name "Lonely Boys" turns around in someones or others head. But why? And what has it to do with Alphaville? It's a simple story: when Frank Mertens left Alphaville, he published two Songs with an own band. together with his girlfriend Martina and a third but for us unknown person. The name of the band was "The lonely boys". Before Martina also joined the Nelson Project. In the new band she was the singer and she wrote the songlyrics. The two mentioned songs have the titles "Hold me" and "Lonely boy". They were released in 1986 by WEA records, but only vinyl, if we're right.
In the meanwhile also other musicprojects are named "Lonely boys", for example the soloproject of the Roxette-member Per Gessle.
Frank Mertens was not very successful with his second band, that's why we haven't more informations about.
Hold me

Are you already awake 
Already prepared to face the day 
Your eyes only see that the power of habits 
is part of your life 
Your own life 

Do you remember the time 
the secret time of beauty and dream 
Not a breath was spent on the sweat of the duty 
the everydaylife 
the darkness 

Please turn and hold me tightly 
hold me tightöy 
here where love is 
please turn and touch me slightly 
touch me slightly 
turn your face 

Are you forever in fear 
Forever scared to touch the fire 
And now when you stop 
 it is not as the last time 
Lost future 

What is it you want 
is it sorrow or happiness 
And now with your eyes that enter the future 
You should recognize 
Your own strength 

Are you already asleep 
Come creep very close to my cold skin 
Touch me again as you tick in the silence 
And settle in  sleep 
Calm down now 


Frank Mertens

born on the 16.10.1961 in Enger/Bielefeld. 
He had piano lessons and as he finished examination he studied music-science. 
Only in 1996 Alphaville had their first contact to him again after their seperation in 1985. 
Therefore we know in that time Frank lived and worked in Paris. 
But noone knows if he's still making music and if the answer was yes, we wouldn't know the kind of music.

Lonely Boy

I wish all things to change to make more sense 
So that they fit this very day 
There is so much disordered in this world 
Far far away from great happiness 

So many sorry people do I find 
They have no music no swing 
We should find a way to make them smile 
And make them think that their hopes come true 

Lonely Boy 
open eyes can realize 
hurry up 
there’s a way to paradise 

Delight will be the main thing love will live 
And people will be glad again 
Look at this silent age no war no fear 
No dead no terror and loss of nerve 


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